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21 Nov 2016

Blinds for your windows and doors! But should they be electric?

Most of us grew up with curtains (aka ‘drapes). Then again, we all grew up with these too!

Today we have many more choices. In fact, we’re drowning in choices!!! Though ‘the curtain’ is still a well-used window solution, ‘the window blind’ has become extremely popular in today’s home, providing a clean, uncluttered look and feel as well as a practical, functional solution.

When it comes to blinds for your windows or doors the choices are endless. Wooden Venetian blinds, plain Venetians, roller blinds, vertical blinds, perfect fit blinds, Romans, skylight blinds, panel blinds. Blackout, dim-out or sheer? And then there’s the choice of fabric to consider! Plain fabrics in bright, bold colours – or pale pastels – or something neutral perhaps with a texture. Or a printed fabric? Stripes, spots, dots, florals, patterns – the list goes on.

So… we’ve established that the choice of blinds is wide and varied – and we know that blinds are an extremely popular window solution for both home-owners and Landlords. But do they need to be electric?

With our obsession for ‘convenience’ (and the desire to have everything quicker, easier, more immediate), there appears to be a big move towards electric blinds.

When we hear the words “electric blinds” it sparks interest – but many of us don’t really know the benefits of electric blinds. We’ve listed some of them here.

  • Firstly (and most obviously) they’re convenient! Instead of having to walk over to the window and physically open or close the blind, you get to do it remotely! And just as our phones are ‘smart,’ so too are electric blinds: they can be programmed to repeat certain functions at certain times of the day. We programme our thermostat to keep our home at a comfy temperature – so it makes sense to be able to programme our blinds to close at dusk, open at dawn or tilt slats in the afternoon sun.
  • Secondly, because electric blinds are just that – electric – we get to do away with the cables, cords, strings and  wands needed for the operation of standard blinds. The clean, uncluttered look and feel of window blinds just got cleaner and even less cluttered!
  • Electric blinds improve the energy efficiency of a home. By programming smart, you’re able to make sure your blinds are open during the day in winter but then close as the sun goes down thereby maximising the solar heat trapped during the day and preventing escape of that warm air with the onset of the colder evening. Similarly, programming to close (or even tilt slats) on a heady Summer’s afternoon improves energy efficiency as it means your AC doesn’t need to work quite so hard in the heat. Improved energy efficiency means reduced energy bills plus you get to help save the planet!
  • Before leaving for a week end away or the Summer holiday there’s always that dilemma isn’t there? “Should we leave the blinds open or closed?” “Should we half-close the bedroom curtains?” “Should we just tilt all the slats of the Venetian blinds?” (Or perhaps you’re lucky enough to have a neighbour who’ll come in each night to ‘close up’ and then again in the morning to ‘open.’)  Just as you might cancel your newspaper delivery so, too, do automated blinds (programmed to close at night and open in the morning) help create the illusion that you’re home – even when you’re not! This could make your home less of a target for potential burglaries.

Just a few of the benefits of electric blinds!

Whether we think that motorised blinds are just another futuristic idea that’ll never really take off, the facts show that they are gaining in popularity and it certainly appears that they impress. Check out a recent article we came across – SellingUp’s Populus Survey “fantastic features that will bring in the buyers.” In this ‘dream home’ survey, 36% of people asked said that electric blinds (or curtains) would be a draw-card.

It seems electric blinds are here to stay!