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Shutters have become an extremely popular window solution. Here’s why.

  • They provide a simple, uncluttered finish to a window and are attractive from both the inside and the outside of a home. 
  • By helping to keep the warmth in during Winter and the cool air in during the Summer months, Shutters allow for reduced energy usage. This is therefore not only an environmentally friendly option, it can also have an impact on lower heating bills
  • Shutters have sound absorption benefits and not only improve the acoustics in a room (by helping to absorb sound within the room) but also help to reduce the level of noise coming from outside the room.

Shutters are a more expensive option than blinds so it's important that they fit well and look great. Measuring for good-looking shutters is very precise. Our shutter surveyors have been trained specifically to measure for Shutters and have good experience in both the measuring and installation processes. Wherever possible, we send the same team to measure and then install.   

The lead time on shutters from date of order with the factory is approximately 8 weeks.